Bitch Stop

When we see a hot chick standing along the road, looking for a ride, we just can’t help ourselves. Join us and watch these horny sluts reward us with legs wide open and juicy crevices between. Cruising a road in your car has never been so entertaining before!

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Bitch Stop #9

I know Dan and Petr for a long time and over the years we....

#9 Schoolgirl bus stop

Bitch Stop model: Schoolgirl bus stop

That brought me to an idea witch I always wanted to try. Since me and my colleague drive all around this country because of our work, I decided to take over for those poor lads. Fucking hitchhikers is nothing new for me and Karel, we already had our share of those , so the only slight difference...


Bitch Stop #8

On our way to Prague, we met a hitchhiker, who needed to....

#8 Klara in garage

Bitch Stop model: Klara in garage

She was shy, but also pretty curious. All it took was a bit of convincing and eventualy we not only got to see her boobs, but also to feel them. Unfortunately for Peter, he had to stay in front driving the car, so all he could was watching in rear mirror. Klara told us, she works as barmaid on...


Bitch Stop #7

Although it is severe cold, we found one girl near Velvary.

#7 Tyna bus stop

Bitch Stop model: Tyna bus stop

During the introducing she told us that her name is Tyna, she was 18 years old. She is an operator. She was leaving her job at the moment. Camera wasn’t problem for Tina. It was a strange situation for her. I explained her that we have a new camera and we want to learn how to record....


Bitch Stop #6

This story says our experience when we stopped to 2....

#6 Karmen and Linda mushrooms

Bitch Stop model: Karmen and Linda...

They answered my questions. Their names were Linda and Karmen. Karmen came from Slovakia. Linda was Czech. They were very interesting. They revealed that their boyfriend were at home because they need to cut the wood. They decided to go for mushrooms. I asked her if she could show use something....


Bitch Stop #5

This part was recorded with hitchhiker nearby water.

#5 Alena nearby watter

Bitch Stop model: Alena nearby watter

She was going to the Kolin, but she agreed with our suggestion go to the pound. Her name was Alena she didn’t have problem with camera. When I started to persuade her to show breast, she nearly send me to the hell, but in the end she accepted that when she went to the water she...


Bitch Stop #4

This part is unfortunately without car, but it is also....

#4 Nikola at the hotel

Bitch Stop model: Nikola at the hotel

I called for a taxi and we went to the place where hitchhikers stand. Because It was Friday, I believed that I will be lucky. I met Nikola (this girl was very bashful). She was 22 years old, she has a child and a boyfriend. I invited her for dinner, but she refused. Nikola entrusted to that she...


Bitch Stop #3

After the short rest we did a great video.

#3 Martina at petrol station

Bitch Stop model: Martina at petrol...

Petr was very tired by driving and he wanted to have a rest. On my way to the pump I met a beautiful young girl. She was standing and hitchhiking. I use it for me and with camera I was coming near to her although I wanted to record the nature. I started to speak to the girl who was very...


Bitch Stop #2

This time I did not even think that we meet on the way a....

#2 Aneta with a toy

Bitch Stop model: Aneta with a toy

I wanted to switch off the camera and close my eyes. I was seeing an old man when I saw a hitchhiker on the. I told Peter stop the car. When she was approaching to our car, I was interested in her nice smile. Young and beautiful lady get to the car and she was still smiling She was very...


Bitch Stop #1

The first part of what we recorded was near Trutnov,....

#1 Iva bus stop Trutnov

Bitch Stop model: Iva bus stop Trutnov

Peter was driving and I was holding the camera. I was recording not only our interview. Iva, as she lately introduced, was nervous in the beginning. I was asking for a various questions, because I want her to be unfastened. I found out that she is married and she has 2 children. Iva revealed...


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