Bitch Stop

When we see a hot chick standing along the road, looking for a ride, we just can’t help ourselves. Join us and watch these horny sluts reward us with legs wide open and juicy crevices between. Cruising a road in your car has never been so entertaining before!

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Bitch Stop #63

A new day brings a fresh new catch in a form of pretty....

#63 Martina 3

Bitch Stop model: Martina 3

That smile alone was worth the money and her breasts seemed to make a tiny exciting jump any time she made the slightest move. And that is exactly the kind of girls you want to film naked, jumping up and down on your cock. When she waved at us, we let her in and made a joke about her wanting to...


Bitch Stop #62

Two guys enjoying a road trip, cool car and smoking hot....

#62 Pavla 2

Bitch Stop model: Pavla 2

It’s rare to score with this kind of smoking hot chicks and we felt up to the challenge. Her smile was enough to make your knees tremble and that body made so much promise no man could stay still after looking at her. Her breasts alone were enough to give me a raging hard-on. And that...


Bitch Stop #61

And here we go again – yet another horny slut we....

#61 Radka 6

Bitch Stop model: Radka 6

I actually have a lot more in store for you, but don’t want to release them all at once – need to keep something for dry season that is usually during winter. But I guess you don’t really care about all this stuff and want to know more about this new bitch for whom I stopped my...


Bitch Stop #60

Time flows and number of our adventures grows like weed.

#60 Tereza 6

Bitch Stop model: Tereza 6

After all we all come here for one reason only – to enjoy watching pretty girls with questionable morals spreading their legs for me or one of my friends. And I will not disappoint you! This time I was alone, so I got to enjoy all the action myself. After the last smoking hot girl who hit...


Bitch Stop #59

Riding car in Czech bring many adventures and you are....

#59 Adriana 3

Bitch Stop model: Adriana 3

Great body and well shaped breasts, her smile alone was enough to give you that special tingling in your nether region. Simply awesome girl. And to our surprise she was really easy to hit on. Seemed she was about as horny as we were. Well not exactly we. It there was a scale to measure how horny...


Bitch Stop #58

Hi folks.

#58 Darina

Bitch Stop model: Darina

Of course we agreed to take her. After all – girl like this deserves special treatment. You could see in her face she likes it dirty. This girl introduced herself as Nikkolet which is very unusual name for Czech girl, but lately you get a lot of those. We, of course, presented fake names...


Bitch Stop #57

Cruising Czech roads can be very entertaining way to....

#57 Leona

Bitch Stop model: Leona

So why did we found with my friend this time? Was that yet another damsel in distress or just lonely girl with too much spare time on her hands? Nope – not this time. This may just be the very first time we got hitched by a hooker. We were looking for girls all day long, thinking which one...


Bitch Stop #56

Time for a fresh new girl me and my friend met on our travel.

#56 Petra 11

Bitch Stop model: Petra 11

Don’t have to do all the work myself this way, which is good. So there we were – my friend and I, riding to friends’ party and hoping we may get to make a small detour with a random horny hitchhiker we hoped to meet. And there she was – pretty and young, looking naive...


Bitch Stop #55

Hi guys and welcome to BitchStop number 55! That’s....

#55 Denisa 2

Bitch Stop model: Denisa 2

She was standing on a sidewalk, waving my way and I didn’t hesitate to stop my car for this pretty bitch. She said she needs to get to work ASAP and missed her tram. I wasn’t sure I would get to enjoy her if she’s in a hurry, but I wasn’t just about to give up on her....


Bitch Stop #54

It’s time for a fresh new episode of BitchStop!....

#54 Jana 7

Bitch Stop model: Jana 7

And this time was no different. We noticed one cute blonde sitting on a bench and I pulled my car over to check her out. As always we had a nice, very original cover story ready to explain our camera. Friend wanted to try it out went to meet her. He pretended he’s making sexologist...


Bitch Stop #53

Hey guys (and girls – we know you’re out....

#53 Irina

Bitch Stop model: Irina

Or at least her fingernails are. I have seen many things in my time, but this has been the first time I was actually afraid when girl grabbed my cock, because of those things. She had them a frigging huge! It looked like female version of Freddy Krueger. Thank god the rest looked like a smoking...


Bitch Stop #52

BitchStop number 52 is here and with it a fresh new....

#52 Jitka 2

Bitch Stop model: Jitka 2

We met her on bus station and she said she’s waiting for a pick-up from her friend. We told her we need to find some airplane that was supposed to crash land in nearby area and convinced her to help us. She agreed, but only if we give her lift home afterwards. After short ride we pulled at...


Bitch Stop #51

Hey guys and welcome to the bitch stop number fifty one!....

#51 Lenka 5

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 5

This actually is pretty common problem with Czech ticketing system, though I admit it’s getting better every year. When I approached her and asked her if she wants to answer a few questions to my research questionnaire, she refused saying she’s in a hurry. I thought I lost her, but...


Bitch Stop #50

Time to celebrate boys and girls, your favorite site....

#50 Marcela 2

Bitch Stop model: Marcela 2

So many memories, so many mouths and bodies covered by our cum. Life is great! So what kind of amazing young thing will we show you this time? Is she a queen of beauty or Arabian princess in disguise? Get real! You don’t get to meet those kinds of girls on the streets! That would not be a...


Bitch Stop #49

Evelyn is a 25 years old girl with morals that easily....

#49 Lenka 4

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 4

Not to mention I couldn’t find any for the past week. So I took camera to a park, looking for a pretty lonely girl and went to meet her. I told her I’m working on questionnaire about sexual life of young adults and if she would like to participate. She said it’s ok, but...


Bitch Stop #48

Another week and fresh new catch – that’s the....

#48 Hana 2

Bitch Stop model: Hana 2

I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because we relocated closer to Prague and girls over there are just more opened minded (or open-legged). Heck, Prague could be a city of sluts for all I care – all that matters is, we get to enjoy pretty girl sometimes even couple times a week. Sure,...


Bitch Stop #47

Hi guys and welcome to a brand new episode of Mature....

#47 Jana 6

Bitch Stop model: Jana 6

Nothing but old ladies all around. Actually compared to them, our catch seemed VERY young. So here we are, looking for a way to meet our friends and the only person we could ask for directions is this mature chick who just stands there, looking all confused. One of her first sentences was:...


Bitch Stop #46

Today, I have a real treat for you.

#46 Martina 2

Bitch Stop model: Martina 2

We had all necessary things ready in the trunk of my car and were pretty excited about it. Our original plan was catching few fish and maybe hitting on girls who would come to enjoy sun near water, but those plans took a wrong turn, when weather changed for the worse. At that point we were...


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