Bitch Stop

When we see a hot chick standing along the road, looking for a ride, we just can’t help ourselves. Join us and watch these horny sluts reward us with legs wide open and juicy crevices between. Cruising a road in your car has never been so entertaining before!

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Bitch Stop #99

Well guys, we are steadily approaching to a very nice....

#99 Marie 2

Bitch Stop model: Marie 2

She didn't mess around and we went straight to the matter of money. That worked for me, because I didn't feel like losing time over this. I hope you don't feel cheated, but I felt like taking it easy this time. I usually chase every girl in vicinity, but there are day when you just...


Bitch Stop #98

Nymphomania is a serious, but very entertaining disposition.

#98 Karolina 3

Bitch Stop model: Karolina 3

She stopped my car. Here I am, minding my own business and suddenly a hot young chick runs in front of my car, waving like crazy and forces me to pull over. I didn’t mind – I always stop my car for a piece of hot ass. She told me her friend (also a girl) fell down some nearby hole,...


Bitch Stop #97

It’s that time of the year again.

#97 Tereza 10

Bitch Stop model: Tereza 10

Just like the girl I’m about to show you. When we met her I almost immediately liked her. She had this self-confident look that comes with girls usually very skilled in bed. She asked us if we can give her ride to a bank and of course I agreed. I set my friend so sit right next to her. I...


Bitch Stop #96

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (that is if....

#96 Kristyna 8

Bitch Stop model: Kristyna 8

Being no stranger to an ancient code of chivalry, your hero instantly agreed. After overcoming a long and perilous journey the hero helped lady step off his loyal horse, gallantly kissed her hand and they parted ways... Well, that sucked, right? Don't worry - It's just that I'm not...


Bitch Stop #95

Another week is here and with it a brand new episode of....

#95 Lenka 10

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 10

I watched her for a bit and decided to go check her out closer. If nothing else, I could get a better close-up for my camera. I must say once I got closer, I really liked what I’m seeing. This chick had such a nice, yet shy smile on her I decided to try and use a little bit calmer...


Bitch Stop #94

How about some serene Czech delight today? I know it....

#94 Vendula 3

Bitch Stop model: Vendula 3

Naturally I took her to my place that was on the way instead and invited her for coffee. Frozen as she was, she agreed almost instantly. After bringing her to my place, I told her coffee is gone, but I have some wine left and we can share it. Though slightly hesitant she let me pour her a glass...


Bitch Stop #93

Hairy or not, here I come! Actually I meant to say....

#93 Michaela 11

Bitch Stop model: Michaela 11

I met her in front of entrance to my dentist’s building and immediately took an opportunity to lure her to a nearby studio I use for my castings. I offered her an easy way to make a few extra bucks my posing for my camera in underwear and she agreed. It wasn’t surprising –...


Bitch Stop #92

Once again we report to you from Prague – a city of....

#92 Kristina 2

Bitch Stop model: Kristina 2

We told her that our intention was to hire a girl to have some fun. Since Czech post workers don’t really make much money and she seemed to be up for anything, it took little time convincing her to join us. At that point I already knew we have a fun time ahead of us and decided I will man...


Bitch Stop #91

It’s time for something exotic! Well maybe not as....

#91 Erika

Bitch Stop model: Erika

She said she needs to get to Wenceslas Square for a job interview. We learned she’s barely making ends meet and needs to get a job soon. Since we liked Gabina (that’s her name) and have a nice place to go near to her destination, we asked if she’s going to a casting. She...


Bitch Stop #90

I guess all of you handsome lads sitting there and....

#90 Petra 14

Bitch Stop model: Petra 14

She said yes and asked my friend for lighter. Well lighter shouldn’t be handed to just anyone without a price, so friend started chatting her up. She even agreed to talk more once I take my car for annual checking. After I left, they kept talking, but it was too damn cold. Since my friend...


Bitch Stop #89

Damn postal services missed our package once again!....

#89 Johana

Bitch Stop model: Johana

Friend wanted to ask directions but instead ended up asking if she owns weapons license for that ass, because she should. Lucky for us she didn’t run away, but smiled nicely and said she thinks of getting it soon. That gave us chance to ask for directions. She said she can show us, but we...


Bitch Stop #88

It’s adventure time! Two heroes plunged deep into a....

#88 Kristyna 7

Bitch Stop model: Kristyna 7

Turned out she thought her company sent a car to take her home. Since that car took a lot longer than she expected, we offered to take her with us. She said its close and got in. Truth be told she wasn’t lying – her place really was pretty close, but Prague traffic is absolutely...


Bitch Stop #87

Have you ever realized you live close to something....

#87 Lucie 10

Bitch Stop model: Lucie 10

Imagine his surprise when he met this smoking hot blonde girl who told him she was supposed to attend a forum there, but after arrival found out it was canceled. This girl comes here across whole country and finds out it was all for naught. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it? She told him her...


Bitch Stop #86

All right – here we go! Time for yet another....

#86 Michaela 10

Bitch Stop model: Michaela 10

First thing I noticed was her pretty face, second thing (after greetings) was she’s not Czech, but Slovak. Can’t say it matters to me – Slovakia girls are generally wilder and I was about to test that theory. Since friend of mine allowed me to use his massage parlor freely, I...


Bitch Stop #85

Get ready for a brand new episode of BitchStop! This time....

#85 Daniela

Bitch Stop model: Daniela

I heard casting that took place nearby my apartment and I moved there to try and lure unsuspecting girl somewhere private and take her there. I wasn’t sure if this plan will succeed but it sounded like a good shot. I went a few hours before suggested casting and lucky for me I didn’t...


Bitch Stop #84

Cold rainy day, snow cap here, watery pond there and two....

#84 Nicole

Bitch Stop model: Nicole

We’re sitting in our car, when suddenly we see this hot blonde girl in very tight skirt walking right next to the road. She really looked like she’s freezing (no wonder with that kind of skirt) so we decided to invite her to warm embrace of our fuck-mobile. She seemed reluctant,...


Bitch Stop #83

Guys, this time I have a damn good treat you will....

#83 Veronika 12

Bitch Stop model: Veronika 12

What puzzles me to this day is how the hell did she managed to put it all the way to the middle of that garage in a first place. But never mind that. The important thing is, she needed help and we needed to spread that fine pair of legs. I went away to make a call and get a cart to load this big...


Bitch Stop #82

Brand new episode of BitchStop is about to land on your....

#82 Bozena

Bitch Stop model: Bozena

I however demanded she’ll let me tape her, even if it’ll cost more. To be honest I decided to eventually cut that part from the video, because it was pretty boring. But she sure was worth all that money (not that she took much) and I had a lot of fun with her. Especially in the...


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