Bitch Stop

When we see a hot chick standing along the road, looking for a ride, we just can’t help ourselves. Join us and watch these horny sluts reward us with legs wide open and juicy crevices between. Cruising a road in your car has never been so entertaining before!

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Bitch Stop #81

Hi guys and welcome to brand new episode of my wild....

#81 Alzbeta

Bitch Stop model: Alzbeta

I’m sure fucking is of no importance to you and the only reason you’re here is to read on how I managed to score this beautiful young vixen ;) It was pretty much business as usual – damsel in distress and all that jazz. Only this time she didn’t ask for a ride, but for...


Bitch Stop #80

Hey guys and welcome to BitchStop number eighty.

#80 Denisa 4

Bitch Stop model: Denisa 4

We rode for a long while so I took a liberty of cutting the boring part and after we closed to my house I invited her for a coffee. She hesitated for a bit, but eventually agreed. I wasn’t sure she’ll take the bite but after this I believed I have a pretty good shot at her. After we...


Bitch Stop #79

Here we go, yet another young thing that was foolish....

#79 Denisa 5

Bitch Stop model: Denisa 5

I had to find one company (I won’t name it here, but you will hear it in video anyway) and no matter what my GPS said, its location kept eluding me. Luckily for me I noticed beautiful young girl so I asked for directions. You won’t believe my luck, but it turned out she was a worker...


Bitch Stop #78

Hey guys and welcome to BistchStop, presenting lady....

#78 Lenka 8

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 8

She came to my car and almost ordered me to show her nearest pawnshop, because she wanted to give away her ring for some quick cash. To be honest she was kind of a pain in the ass, but it did turn me on a little. I imagined having this bitchy chick obediently sucking my cock and it just worked...


Bitch Stop #77

Hey guys and welcome to yet another episode of our action....

#77 Tereza 4

Bitch Stop model: Tereza 4

We noticed this hot redhead just standing in parking lot we wanted to use. Once she noticed we slowed down, she went to us straight away. I’ll tell you she was pretty brazen – didn’t even gave us time to say anything and she already opened our door! She had this voice you...


Bitch Stop #76

Hi guys and welcome to a BitchStop number.

#76 Veronika 10

Bitch Stop model: Veronika 10

This girl is actually number seventy six and she is something I really want you to see. She is also not your usual hitchhiker. I noticed her when I and my friend were just chilling out. I decided to take a few shots of surrounding streets and noticed this cute young girl standing on the street,...


Bitch Stop #75

Welcome, boys and girls, to the world famous BitchStop!....

#75 Sandra 2

Bitch Stop model: Sandra 2

Lucky bastards who ride the shotgun always have better chances then driver. I guess that’s because they don’t have to keep their hands on the damn wheel. So I was riding with my friend, when we noticed this totally awesome looking babe. I mean – she was just the type you will...


Bitch Stop #74

Summer might be over, but I still have a few movies left....

#74 Jana 8

Bitch Stop model: Jana 8

And yes – single look at her could tell you this girl is easy. Well easy to spread her legs, but I guess she could be a very high maintenance should you date her. But that was not my problem. I just wanted to get in her pants. I told her I could show her another way around object she wanted...


Bitch Stop #73

Hey guys and welcome to BitchStop number 73.

#73 Veronika 9

Bitch Stop model: Veronika 9

She is a feisty one! I was alone and noticed cute girl with a smashing body and just couldn’t resist. I pulled over and asked her if she needs a ride. She was glad not to waste time waiting for her bus and joined me. Looking at her I knew I must have her, otherwise I’ll have to spend...


Bitch Stop #72

Lovely time, lovely weather and all I was missing is a....

#72 Denisa 3

Bitch Stop model: Denisa 3

she said she’s heading to a nearby swimming area and I offered to take her there. She seemed to be in pretty high spirit and responded really well to my attempts to seduce her. I asked if she want me to accompany me and she agreed. After she told me she has no boyfriend I knew for sure...


Bitch Stop #71

It’s that time of the week again and we are back....

#71 Lucie 8

Bitch Stop model: Lucie 8

We both scoured every road, but couldn’t find anything. Just when we already almost gave up, friend noticed this pretty girl standing and apparently impatiently waiting for something. So I pulled over and friend asked what the matter is. She said she’s waiting for her stupid...


Bitch Stop #70

 That’s right, we’re at number seventy! I....

#70 Tereza 7

Bitch Stop model: Tereza 7

She was cute enough so you’d want to see her naked, but not so hot that she would send you to hell. She said she’s off to her garden to pick up some apples. When I as ked why is she not taking her boyfriend with her, she said she’s alone. Naturally I offered to help and she...


Bitch Stop #69

Hi, guys and welcome to BitchStop number 69.

#69 Lenka 6

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 6

And that is what we do pretty well lately. So what kind of girl did we meet today? I think you’ll like what you see. I and a friend were both pretty horny when we noticed a cute girl waiting for a bus. We invited her to join us that we’ll take her wherever she needs to go. As always,...


Bitch Stop #68

Guys, I’m proud to say that this time, I really....

#68 Petra 13

Bitch Stop model: Petra 13

Awesome beauty and nobility – a definite turn-on for me. I just couldn’t resist pulling over and talking to her. She wasn’t really sure she should get in my car. Was afraid I’m some sort of pervert and I will molest her somewhere on the way. Well – she wasn’t...


Bitch Stop #67

Bringing you new interesting experiences on a weekly....

#67 Eva 3

Bitch Stop model: Eva 3

We pulled over and invited her to join us. She said she needs to go visit her dormitory and we happily agreed to take her there. Almost instantly you could feel this powerful sexual tension rising up in our car. Or it just could be our hormones going wild from the sight of a pretty girl... We...


Bitch Stop #66

Well guys I have something new for you and this time....

#66 Jana 5

Bitch Stop model: Jana 5

As she said down, her breasts immediately got my attention. I thought if I won’t make her mine, I’ll have to go and beat the snake somewhere in shame. I told her I’m taking video documenting road conditions, because she felt it was weird I’m pointing camera at her. Since...


Bitch Stop #65

Welcome to your favorite road-show BitchStop! Today, just....

#65 Michaela 9

Bitch Stop model: Michaela 9

Thinking about it, this car has seen more action than most people in their whole life. But I don’t think it’s because of my car that we get laid this much. I think being naturally bold makes girls willing to throw away caution to the wind and spread their legs for me or my friends....


Bitch Stop #64

Czech roads offer a lot of excitement – you just....

#64 Barbora 4

Bitch Stop model: Barbora 4

We agreed, knowing it would take a while which could give us enough time to seduce her. She said she’s in a rush for a work, but knowing from past experiences that is usually no issue, if you manage to make the girl horny. And Kristina was more than worth the shot, even if we would strike...


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