Bitch Stop

When we see a hot chick standing along the road, looking for a ride, we just can’t help ourselves. Join us and watch these horny sluts reward us with legs wide open and juicy crevices between. Cruising a road in your car has never been so entertaining before!

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Bitch Stop #27

Hey guys, how are you? It’s been a while since we....

#27 Katerina

Bitch Stop model: Katerina

On the ride I learned that her boyfriend is abroad on a long business trip. I guess you won’t be surprised if I tell you she had no sex for a long time a missed it quite a bit. She said she planed to fool around with local guys at the clubs that very night. Well what kind of a gentleman...


Bitch Stop #26

Damn, it’s hot.

#26 Eva

Bitch Stop model: Eva

Of course I hoped we could score some decent chick out there. We chose to take a shortcut some local recomended, but that turned out to be a pretty shitty road. Luckily, to our surprise, we met one good looking girl already out there. There was a slight glitch though – she was heading to...


Bitch Stop #25

Summer was nearing its end and we decided to make the....

#25 Misa

Bitch Stop model: Misa

After short while of searching, we finaly saw something doable. This dark haired chick with slick body looked like a nice catch. She said, she’s waiting for her friends to return from one of nearby attractions. When we asked her to ride one with us, she refused – I guess that’s...


Bitch Stop #24

Be prepared! Be ready! Be horny! I never went to scout,....

#24 Preggy

Bitch Stop model: Preggy

My usual partner for these trips stayed home this time to take care of his business and I went alone - to bring joy and laughter to the world. As always, I swithed my camera on. Felt weird to just tape quiet driving, so I tried to speak to myself, but that felt even worse. Thankfully, it...


Bitch Stop #23

When we made this video, summer already approached its....

#23 Lenka 2

Bitch Stop model: Lenka 2

Waiting near bathing pool payed off and soon enough pretty young thing passed by. We offered her a ride, but not for free! If she wants to get to her friends cottage, she'll have to work for it! Lenka showed no hesitation - even our camera couldn't scare her. Maybe because it's been...


Bitch Stop #22

Here we go boys and girls.

#22 Veronika

Bitch Stop model: Veronika

Eventualy we went for a desperate search with one goal only - to find some pretty girl, hump her so hard, that no one else will ever be good enough for her and release her back to streets. And we succeeded! Our sences, trained by years of experience, felt mystic vibrations, that led us to some...


Bitch Stop #21

Guys, why lie to ourself - summer is awsome! Pretty young....

#21 Verca - the pool

Bitch Stop model: Verca - the pool

I went with my friends to bathing pool, but it sucked. No pretty chicks to look at all. After a while we decided to return to friends fuckmobile (if Batman can have his Batmobile, then he can have Fuckmobile), buy some beer and cool off at his back garden. Our plans got interrupted, when we...


Bitch Stop #20

Punk's not dead, punk lives! That could very well be....

#20 Punk girl - bikers

Bitch Stop model: Punk girl - bikers

What we didn't expected was an empty field with a couple tents (possibly stolen from nearby circus) and no one there. Almost felt like we're in some cheasy movie called 'Day of the Living Circus Tents'. Then we noticed someone standing close to bush next to us. If you guessed it...


Bitch Stop #19

Easter holiday came.

#19 Michala near the pond

Bitch Stop model: Michala near the...

.ehm...prince Edward. As always, we rode Czech roads in hope of finding some easy catch, equiped with high spirit, good mood and a lots of „milt“. We managed to find two pretty girls only after few unsuccesful attempts. Both were realy cute and ready to accept our eastern co...ol...


Bitch Stop #18

Hello to all horny boys and aroused girls, we’re....

#18 Monca - drunked girl

Bitch Stop model: Monca - drunked girl

You know – to find out, if all the girls in there are the same wild cats. When we met this chick, her bottle was almost empty, so it wasn’t realy hard to convince her to join us at our apartment for a drink During our ride, I tried to find out her likes and dislikes. With a little...


Bitch Stop #17

Easter holiday came.

#17 Petra and Jana - Easter

Bitch Stop model: Petra and Jana -...

.ehm...prince Edward. As always, we rode Czech roads in hope of finding some easy catch, equiped with high spirit, good mood and a lots of „milt“. We managed to find two pretty girls only after few unsuccesful attempts. Both were realy cute and ready to accept our eastern co...ol...


Bitch Stop #16

Do you get bored by daily stereotypes? I sure do.

#16 Zuzka - cleaning woman

Bitch Stop model: Zuzka - cleaning...

First of all, I didn’t realy want to settle her fee with those nicely tanned guys, who are always lurking nearby and second of all, I didn’t want to waste too much money. Our company offices had to be moved to another location and we needed to clean the old rooms. I figured we could...


Bitch Stop #15

Well friends, so what do you think? Can winter stop great....

#15 No Name - broken car

Bitch Stop model: No Name - broken car

I will admit, we had some spare in out trunk, but our shack was so close by and it was warm inside. So we promised to give her some spare parts at our place and perhaps even something to warm her up. I think that poor girl realy thought we were talking about coffee. Anyway, I was pretty happy,...


Bitch Stop #14

After a long dry period, we finaly managed do get a very....

#14 Miss Lucka - coffee

Bitch Stop model: Miss Lucka - coffee

With the exeption of Scottish of course (no intention of lifting their kilts). Lucka, as she introduced herself, kept waiting for her friend to show up. They were supposed to go into nearby pub. Why did she waited outside, exposed to this shitty weather, instead od inside, was beyond my...


Bitch Stop #13

Although unbelievable, we finaly bring you our long....

#13 Smiling Ivca

Bitch Stop model: Smiling Ivca

That was not the case with chick you’re about to see in our vid. At that time, it was still summer, girl was scantily dressed and the only thing she could actualy surprise us, would be three boobs or a hidden cock under her pants (and you can believe me – would she had three tits, I...


Bitch Stop #12

It was saturday afternoon and autumn still didn’t....

#12 Young miss Simona - party

Bitch Stop model: Young miss Simona...

On our road, we did saw a few, but nothing good enough to stop those bitches. Until one cute blonde came in our way. She sat near some tiny park and I thought: „Ah what the hell, let’s give it a try“. When I told her to join us, she hesitated quite a bit. No wonder – who...


Bitch Stop #11

This time I have very unusual video for you.

#11 Cool Zuzka - arguing

Bitch Stop model: Cool Zuzka - arguing

“ And it sure was. One day he and my colleague vent on a very short trip on Czech roads. Even though he’s just a beginner, he had pretty good luck and managed to catch some nice chick on sixth try. Believe it or not, but that realy is a great result. You don’t get to see it, but...


Bitch Stop #10

Lately we had a bad luck.

#10 Pretty Lucka - grandma

Bitch Stop model: Pretty Lucka -...

Dont’t get me wrong – we did enjoy occasional hitchhiker from time to time, but there was no way to tape it. To top it all, when we met one sleazy bitch called Marketa, Tomas forgot camera at home. Anyway, this concludes our bad luck strand and we can finaly brag about getting a...


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