Bitch Stop #106 Dagmar

Let me get one thing of my chest first – I haven’t had a blowjob this good in a long time! Ok, now that’s over and done with, let me welcome you at Bitch Stop number one-oh-six :) Just like every week I’m about to tell you story of how I met this new girl.

Bitch Stop #106 Dagmar

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Bitch Stop model Dagmar

It may seem weird to you guys, but I never get tired of this.

Dagmar Bitch Stop

I don’t mean writing summary of my adventure - that’s just something I feel as necessary evil. I’m talking about hunting for a wet pussy to fuck on my lazy afternoons. Ok, maybe it’s not so surprising after all. We all love to fuck random cute girls and I’m hardly an exception. Sometimes you get cold shower and girl will literally run away from your car, other times it comes as easy as breathing. A lot of Czech girls are horny for some random stranger to fuck them so it’s worth trying your luck every time you meet a girl. Even if only one in ten will respond well to your advances, you have a nice day ahead of you. Just like this chick that needed my help with her car. I noticed her walking across the street right away and when she waved at me I was already slowing down planning to chat her up. That slim and tall body looked so darn good I just couldn’t pass her by without saying hello. She told me her car broke down and she needs some help with it. I’m no mechanic, but I thought I could give it a try and maybe she would fuck me as a reward. We took a shortcut and after a while it seemed she got lost. She kept saying she knows which way we’re going, since she walked the same path earlier that day, but I wasn’t so sure. I mocked her she only stopped me to have some fun, because she’s attracted to me and she took it so well I just had to try how far I can go. Turned out I could go as far as I wanted. Didn’t take long and she was on her knees giving me amazing blowjob I wouldn’t mind repeating from time to time (but new girls await and I didn’t take her number). This chick really made my day and I hope you will enjoy watching her in action as much as I enjoyed having her!


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