Bitch Stop #117 Petra 16

Well boys and girls, here we are again, bringing you the last catch of the week! This time I was the one in a need of help and when I noticed a pretty girl, I asked her for directions.

Bitch Stop #117 Petra 16

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Bitch Stop model Petra 16

She told me which way to go and I used this chance to thank her and offer to reward her by taking her where she needed to go.

Petra 16 Bitch Stop

She seemed reluctant at first, but after a while of talking she agreed to let me take her where she needed to go. Since she (obviously) noticed my camera, I calmed her down by claiming I’m making a documentary. She seemed to swallow this shallow excuse and let me take shots of her. I knew the area well, so I also knew there is an abandoned racing cart area where I could try to hit on her and see what happens. Pretending my friend is waiting for me, I told her we’ll just stop by for a few minutes and then keep going. You can imagine my “surprise” when no there was no one waiting. Not even my imaginary friend :) I kept talking to her and told her she’s so amazing I just had to stop my car to talk to her. Told her all the usual lies about me never stopping my car for anyone, but since she was special I just had to. Told her how special she is and how hard it makes me just looking at her. You know – just to make her feel special. I offered to have a wild sex and she refused. But I didn’t give up and told her that since she has no boyfriend, she could have a good time without regrets. Since she still felt reluctant, I let her touch my crotch that was already bulging from my raging erection. Suddenly all shame dropped and she turned into a wild animal ready to devour me. You can imagine how much I liked it. This girl may be shy at first, but when you make her horny, she will fuck your brains out! And that’s exactly what we love to see at Bitch Stop. So don’t wait for anything, check our member’s section and enjoy the show!


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