Bitch Stop #54 Jana 7

It’s time for a fresh new episode of BitchStop! That’s right – we’re back and with us yet another unsuspecting bimbo with low morals and legs that spread faster than you’d say “Open up missus!” So who is the lucky girl number fifty four? Well after a while it’s a blonde chick that didn’t hide when our wet-crotch-detector sniffed her out! It was a shitty weather that day.

Bitch Stop #54 Jana 7

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Bitch Stop model Jana 7

I rode a car with my friend and even though we let camera running, we didn’t really expect to find anyone willing to go wild.

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On the other hand my experiences show you can find horny slut pretty much whenever. It wouldn’t be the first time I helped “damsel in distress” and got a nice blowjob in return. And this time was no different. We noticed one cute blonde sitting on a bench and I pulled my car over to check her out. As always we had a nice, very original cover story ready to explain our camera. Friend wanted to try it out went to meet her. He pretended he’s making sexologist research and want to ask her a few questions. After she answered first two, it was clear this girl will most likely be our new bitch of the week. She said she loves having sex even few times a day (great gal!) but her boyfriend is lazy bum who only needs it from time to time. That’s a recipe for horny slut to happen. She also likes to take on active role in sex, which is also very good. Remember – when you’re trying to score a quickie, it’s better if she’s horny unsatisfied vixen who’s not afraid to take action! She also enjoys humiliating men – physically of course. Probably future domina. At that point friend got a bit scared, hoping she wouldn’t need to spank his ass should he convince her to spread legs for him. But he kept trying – there is no place for cowards on BitchStop! Before he could even ask, she took on an active role again and suggested they move to a more secluded place, because she wants to see his cock. That’s what happens when you meet horny, unsatisfied slut who likes to be the active one during sex. I don’t think I need to tell you rest of the story, because you can see pictures all around here and you can check the whole video in our members section, just like always. Have fun and enjoy watching this dominatrix vixen in action!


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