Bitch Stop #53 Irina

Hey guys (and girls – we know you’re out there :)) and welcome to BitchStop number 53! Sorry for not posting anything new for past weeks, but we had a bit of a bad luck and couldn’t find anything worth fucking on the road.

Bitch Stop #53 Irina

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Bitch Stop model Irina

It happens sometimes.

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There are time when it pours beautiful horny girls from up and down and other times when you just feel like in the middle of desert where no wet hole can be found. But who cares about that, right? You want to hear about the new fresh catch we managed to catch in our net and drag ashore! Well this girl is something special. Or at least her fingernails are. I have seen many things in my time, but this has been the first time I was actually afraid when girl grabbed my cock, because of those things. She had them a frigging huge! It looked like female version of Freddy Krueger. Thank god the rest looked like a smoking hot young girl otherwise I would have just ran away. This way I at least have some new interesting experience with pretty girl. We met her on a gas station. Yeah, that’s right. She was handling vacuum cleaner machine for cars. Since it was a while since I last cleaned my car, I thought it could do with some cleaning and it would give us time to chat up that pretty young thing. She had the most interesting tattoos on both sides of her belly. On one side a cute little devil, the other a lovely angel. I knew this girl could be fun to have around. Her body looked fit and face had written inside exactly the right amount of sluttines I like to see in girls we fuck and post online. Then I saw her fingernails and it freaked me out a little bit. Suddenly an image of angry T-Rex appeared in my head, but I chased it away. This girl is no terrifying overgrown snake – she’s a smoking hot girl with obvious daddy issues who will most likely end up in our new video! We invited her inside and she got to work. I started hitting on her and boy was I right about her. It took almost no effort and she was all over my crotch! This girl was so horny it almost scared me. I mean I had my share of horny sluts in my years, but this was on completely different level. Well I don’t need to tell you I got to fuck her thoroughly - you just need to check surrounding pictures. She was fun and wild, her pussy always wet and ready to please. My advice to you guys is – if you ever stop your car for bitch with scary fingernails, be ready for a wild ride!


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