Bitch Stop #51 Lenka 5

Hey guys and welcome to the bitch stop number fifty one! This time I have a real treat for you.

Bitch Stop #51 Lenka 5

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Bitch Stop model Lenka 5

It’s been a while since I managed to score a beautiful horny blonde with amazing long legs, perfect body who loves to fuck and swallow.

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Yeah, you read that right – this one actually swallows! And how did I meet her? This time I decided to change my approach and went to look for a girl at metro station. I picked the hot one who tried to buy a ticket, but nothing came out. This actually is pretty common problem with Czech ticketing system, though I admit it’s getting better every year. When I approached her and asked her if she wants to answer a few questions to my research questionnaire, she refused saying she’s in a hurry. I thought I lost her, but then she said that damned automat will not give her ticked and ate all her remaining money. Since she needed to go across whole Prague, I knew I will have a long time to work my magic on her, if I only manage to get her to my car. So I offered to give her a ride. She was pretty happy about it and agreed to answer anything I ask. I took her to my car and we got to talk. During our ride we got to first mane basis, but not much of progress. I had to take my chance before letting her out. I started shooting questions about all kinds of things and learned that she has no boyfriend at the moment. I switched my questions asking her about one night stands. To my surprise, she was pretty straightforward and said she likes them. Sometimes even more than wasting all that time dating, when sex is all that she wants from a guy. That really gave me courage to hit on her. I played unbeliever and told her she’s lying. I said that most girls usually only lie about this. And that’s when she totally blew my mind. She said she’s not lying and if I don’t trust her, than I should move to the back of my car with her and she’ll prove it. I don’t need to tell you she didn’t have to ask me twice! All I can say is – thank god for horny blondes. This girl was just a perfect way to spend an afternoon. And when she swallowed my cum, she left me feeling better than I felt in a long time. Check her out!


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