Bitch Stop #49 Lenka 4

Evelyn is a 25 years old girl with morals that easily bend when she feels like getting something for free.

Bitch Stop #49 Lenka 4

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Bitch Stop model Lenka 4

And that is good, because otherwise we wouldn’t show her to you today.

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Welcome to brand new episode of Bitch Stop! So what do we have for you this time? Well take a look at pictures around and you’ll see a beautiful young girl with great smile and wonderful breasts. I decided to take another approach, because quite frankly I got bored looking for girls on the road. Not to mention I couldn’t find any for the past week. So I took camera to a park, looking for a pretty lonely girl and went to meet her. I told her I’m working on questionnaire about sexual life of young adults and if she would like to participate. She said it’s ok, but she’s waiting for s cab. I offered to take her in our car if she makes the time and that she could win trip to Gran Canarias if she fills out our questionnaire. That got her attention. I think she already saw herself enjoying the sun and see for two weeks for free. Thank god she was gullible. Of course there was no such winning in the game. After all – my questionnaire was fake. We went to a nearby restaurant and I asked away. I learned that her first sexual experience was around the age of fifteen, she has boyfriend and never cheated on him, they love to try all kinds of positions to keep stereotype away (but nothing kinky like BDSM – not even anal... prude ;)) and she was never offered money for sex. I played my card and mentioned if someone ever offered her trip to Gran Canarias for sex and she caught on almost instantly. Honestly – watching her squirm like that, I felt almost embarrassed – like a fisherman who goes to a pond with a stick of dynamite. She said she needs to go to the toilet and think about what I said. Never cheated my ass – this girl already knew she’s going to put out to get what she wants. With that notion in my mind, I went to meet het at toilets to get what I want. I guess it’s no surprise what a vision of trip to foreign land can do to a woman. Maybe I would even feel bad about lying to her, but hey – she’s the one who cheated at her boyfriend, right? And she sure tried to win that trip really hard. You should definitely check her out!


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