Bitch Stop #47 Jana 6

Hi guys and welcome to a brand new episode of Mature Fucking! Wait, that’s not right, is it? Oh right, this is Bitch Stop! OK than, welcome to a brand new episode of fucking girls who are naive enough to enter our car! Yeah, that seems about right.

Bitch Stop #47 Jana 6

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Bitch Stop model Jana 6

Anyway what have we for you this time? Actually today is a little bit different than the usual stuff we go for, but what is life without change, right? So this time, instead of young stupid girl, you get to enjoy horny mature chick that just couldn’t resist the idea of sucking our dicks.

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And I think you will enjoy it as much as we did, because this slut sure knows her stuff! So how did we meet her? Well the story, as always, begins in my car. I rode with a friend and for a while it looked like a “Night of the living dead” on the streets. Nothing but old ladies all around. Actually compared to them, our catch seemed VERY young. So here we are, looking for a way to meet our friends and the only person we could ask for directions is this mature chick who just stands there, looking all confused. One of her first sentences was: “My boyfriends left me here.” Usually this is a clear sign we should invite her to our car, but this time, we really planned to enjoy a nice barbeque, since weather in Czech is so nice lately. But since she gave us wrong direction and we had to ask again, we let her jump in our car and invited her to join us. This was one of the few rare moments, when some chick actually invited herself to us. After a very short ride, we got stumped again – there was no way my car could get through that road. Friend and Jana (that was her name) said they will go look for a better way to our friend’s garden. I was afraid to leave my car alone, so I let them go look around, hoping they will come back for me. It took such a long time I just knew they must be fucking. And sure enough, later that day I got a nice stuff on my camera starring horny blonde mature chick, which is so angry at her boyfriend she jumps on first guy who shows interest in her. She seemed eager and willing to make my friend happy and I think it shows in this video. So sit back, relax and enjoy watching Czech mature slut Jana in wild action and I’ll see you the next time we stop our car for some horny bitch!


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