Bitch Stop #44 Radka 4

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for a fresh new episode of our adventures.

Bitch Stop #44 Radka 4

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Bitch Stop model Radka 4

Weather is slowly improving here in Czech and thanks to that it’s getting much easier to find a pretty girl in dire need of our services.

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By that I mean both giving her lift and fucking her thoroughly afterwards. So how did we manage to score this young thing you see on surrounding pictures? Well if you expect story containing elaborate plot and unexpected twists, than I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. But if all you want to see is horny young girl with too much free time and energy, then you came to the right place! So sit back, relax and enjoy story of horny maiden in a time of need. I took my friend to go for a ride, hoping we could score something pretty and tape it on camera. After half a day strolling Czech streets I thought there will be no bitch for which we could stop our car. This sucked, because our site is not called BitchStop for nothing. Right before giving up, we met girl holding children seat for cars. We took our chance and offered her a ride. She was waiting for another car, but seeing as it looked like raining soon, she hesitantly agreed. At first she didn’t look very happy with us taping her on camera. I think the only reason she let us continue was because (as always) I said we are making documentary about locals and their way of life. Though ride was short, I managed to learn she has a child and no guy in her life. It’s been a long time since I fucked horny mom and really wanted this one. After we got where she needed, she asked if I could help her take that seat to her apartment. I happily agreed and made my move on her. As I expected she didn’t hesitate and took me all the way to attic, because she didn’t want to wake her kid and her mom who was taking care of it. I guess being all alone, she can’t afford to play hard-to-get. Right from the start she pushed on me and I was more than happy to let her. She knew her was around my cock and we fucked like there is no tomorrow. What a great girl! Should you ever go to Brno and see this chick waving her hand to stop your car, I really suggest you take the time and stop for this bitch. She’ll make it worth your time...


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