Bitch Stop #40 Simona 2

Believe it or not, but this is our movie number forty.

Bitch Stop #40 Simona 2

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Czech Virtual Reality Porn

Bitch Stop model Simona 2

If someone would tell me we will manage to make this many videos starring pretty young girls who we managed to seduce and fuck.

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It really is wild on Czech roads, when you have some luck, self-confidence and don’t mind getting shot down more than enough times. Of course not every chick we take into our car will immediately succumb to our charm – we have to work hard to get laid and it takes at the very least a few tries before we get to enjoy some wet pussy who we just met. But when we do, we always make sure to tape it for you and this time is no different. How we met this beauty? As always we hoped to find some nice girl but it seemed like we’ll have no luck. We decided to go for a lunch instead of looking around. I knew a good spot to eat and decided to head there, but shortly before that pub, we noticed a pretty girl. Very pretty girl. She asked if we know where one street is and accidentally my friend knew if well. So we took her in (forget lunch – we can fuck on empty stomach) and got to our usual seducing routine. It turned out she works in pizzeria as part-timer and needs to deliver some order. But that wasn’t very interesting to us. Instead we wanted to know if she has boyfriend. Luckily there was none. She broke up with him about a month ago. That is always a good sign. Some girls tend to have pointless ideas about being faithful and those will never put out. But single girls tend to be an easy prey. Especially if they had no sex for a month. A few jokes later we were at the destination and friend went with her to point her in the right direction. Since the guy who ordered it wasn’t home, they went to the cellar to look for him there. I don’t know how about you, but I think any sensible girl would run away as soon as stranger would take her there. But this one didn’t. Friend played a dangerous game and it paid off. Though she didn’t come short either. Anyway I think you will like watching this horny chick in action. She really is one of the prettiest girls we scored in a long time and watching her jump up and down on a cock is something you will thoroughly enjoy. So don’t wait up, have fun and we’ll see you at the next episode of Bitch Stop!


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