Bitch Stop #32 Linda

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Bitch Stop #32 Linda

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Bitch Stop model Linda

All I can show you are endless lines of daft bimbos who would probably believe me if I told them I’m a president of the Earth out on a stroll in my crooked car.

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Damn, I take it back – I better not insult my loyal companion or he might decide to let me stranded in the worst possible moment somewhere in a dark woods. So I’m sure you already had enough of my usual rambling and want to know more about this piece of hot meat I recently met, right? Well if you remember correctly, sometime ago I tried my luck on a train station and it worked like a charm. After all – awesome knights in shining armor, saving damsel in distress is a wet-soaked croth maker for most women. So I went for a nother one of my walks and this time I chose nearby bus station. Soon enough I met this blond chick who missed her bus and had to wait for another. „Fear not, my lady – I shall save you!“ I almost felt like yelling those bullshit words as I went to meet her. Thank god I didn’t. I don’t think this one would appreciate it. I told her I am making a short documentary (why change it if it works) and offered to buy her a drink. Since she knew she’ll have to wait for a long time, she agreed to make the time pass. Eventually I offered to give a ride after we’re done drinking. I let my camera roll in the pub, while she was trying to do her makeup to look good for the camera. Seemed kindy shy. Maybe even cute, thought you could tell from her face she is the wordly kind who likes to go straight to bussines. Since she liked the idea of giving her ride, but had no money on her I pretty much knew this will be a sure score. On our way to her place she was thinking what to offer my for this ride if she had no money. Of course I asked for sex. After all – it’s cheaper. Her answer kind of shocked me. She asked if I’m any good. Holly molly, this one sure is something else. I told you she looked like the kind who goes straight to bussines and it pleased me I was right. What happened afterwards should be apprarent from nearby pictures. I just hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. Hell – if you can enjoy it more, then be my guests. See you next time!


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